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Track Rod End nut size?

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I had to cut the castellated nut at the ball joint top as it was so heavily corroded & out of shape. So I need to buy a new nut. There are lots of complete track rod ends on e bay but I really just want a nut. I am still shielding at home so do not want to try a car parts shop.

It looks about 12mm but is a very fine thread or could be UNC. Does anyone good with threads know the size so I can order a castellated nut?

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Hi, you can get one from Toyota dealer, here is the number 90171-12028


but you can double check with them., or just buy any similar nut that has exact same sizes. 

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Thanks for exploded diagram. The threads are fine as is the ball joint itself. I have had a go at measuring and it is 10.8mm ID which ties in with 12mm 1.25mm pitch tapping drill size of 10.8mm and a thread count looks to be 1.25mm which is 12mm fine. Thanks for comments.

I just need to re-assemble when the shaft arrives tomorrow. I was pleased to find I did not have to remove the bottom ball joint as that is quite rusted also but I did have to remove the ABS sensor to allow the shaft to be removed which Haynes does not mention.

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