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Air con sub assy A replacement


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First post. Air con not working on my 2008 Avensis. Garage says there is a hole in the high pressure pipe from the conditioner to the bulk head Here's a diagram from a post I found on this forum. The hole is near the bracket part number 88718-05200 (bottom right of diagram).

Anybody know long it should take a garage to replace the high pressure pipe? Am I looking at a large not-worth-bothering-bill?


air con.png

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Hello Stivino,

Sounds like the same problem. Garage says Toyota quoting around £120 for new pipe, they aren't sure of fitting cost as they don't know how much engine bay they will need  to remove. What method of repair did you use? Garage are suggesting this might be a cheaper option  - just an hour or 2 labour

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