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2004 2.0 d-4d pinging,tapping noise until high acceleration


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Hi first time posting here.

I have a 2004 Avensis diesel 2.0 d-4d, the problem I'm having is rattle, pinging noise on cold start up that persists until high acceleration for a period of time.

I can accelerate to 2500 rpm in second gear and it will disappear, when I drop off the rpm it comes right back. Also to note when accelerating up to 2500rpm and the rattle stops there's a noticeable sudden boost in power. 

Weirdly enough if drive at high rpm the noise will disappear after maybe 5-10 minutes driving, but if I drive normally the rattle will persist even after 30mins of driving.

I'm wondering if it could be injectors, lifters, timing out? It's done 300000km/186000miles.

I was given the car a few months ago so I don't know the history, but I've given it an oil change, fuel filter change etc

Love to hear any ideas,







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Hi I have the same car, I've been reading up loads on them lately as I've had trouble with mine..

There is a common issue with injector seals, and the gases leaked causes blockages in the oil pickup in the sump.

In my opinion this is a game changer and will save you money if you can clean out sump and pick up and then change injector seats and o rings .. I was too late.

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