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Hi All,

I understand that I'm beginning to have a few issues with my Aygo 2008 recently, yes she's coming up to 13yrs old, with only 69k on the clock, but I dont want to give up on her just yet, she's costing me but she's too cute to give up on.

I've noticed a recent issue, happens every odd day, whereby the steering suddenly becomes very heavy, only for a few seconds for a few turns say when I'm parking and then it functions again.

Does anybody have any ideas as to what may cause this?

I assume it has electronic power steering? I dint think I see a power steering reservoir? The Battery is fairly new, Bosch s4. 

Please help

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Power steering adjusts based on speed. Slower you go, lighter it gets. Maybe just try reseting the car, by disconnecting the Battery for 10 minutes.

I had mine die, and i had to drive the car to the shop, it was so heavy, the wheel so rough and you could feel everything.

I have driven plenty of cars without power steering, which never had it, but this was a whole new thing, felt like driving a tank, so if it actually failed, you would feel it.

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The steering is indeed powered by an electric motor and controlled via an ECU. These power steering electric motors can draw high amps under certain conditions and a weak Battery or underperforming alternator could starve the motor of the amps it needs. Might be worth checking the Battery and alternator condition first, before diving into the actual steering unit and ECU.

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