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RAV4 2011 Facelift Navigation Maps Update


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Hi guys,

I have recently purchased a Rav4 Model 2011 Facelift and I would like to update the navigation maps.

The car is having the E7019 Toyota navi. The maps that interest me are the European ones.

https://www.toyota-mapupdates.eu/ is showing only the European maps from 2017.

Do you know where I can find the latest version for my model of navigation?

Looking forward to receiving your replies!

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Have a fiddle in the settings on your head unit, it should be easy to find, as you will require this information to purchase the latest maps from the official Toyota  maps update site that you have shown.

There are some models that can be updated by a Toyota  dealer as well.

It would be handy to show a photo of your current head unit for more input.

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With respect (and I say this as someone who has done some long drives in a 14 plate), the navigation system was poor when new, Waze, Google Maps, Apple maps etc. are all much, much better and free, before throwing money at updates consider if it’s really worth it.

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I may have to reconsider my opinion, not about the navigation function, that’s always been sub standard (apart from the TomTom bundled units that were OK in the Yaris?), but I type this as I wait for the 2021v1 maps and 6.17 software to finish installing on my first gen T2G, it’s ended costing me the grand total of £35, while I don’t care about the maps, if it fixes the contacts issue with my phones, I will be happy.

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Hi guys.

Sorry for the late reply.

The navigation is like the one in the attached picture.

Do you guys recommend any other navigation that is compatible with the car?
I would prefer one that can be easily connected with the mobile phone but I am open to suggestions.



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