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Towing with Rav4 Hybrid 2016

Dave Sanderson

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I don't tow, but will venture an opinion to get the conversation started ...

I don't believe that the CVT gearbox is an issue as such - it's a perfectly robust gearbox and will adjust to ensure that the engine is operating efficiently in order to provide the torque need when towing - which means, of course, that it will rev a bit (peak torque is at 4400-4800 rpm) but that is how it is designed to work.

The hybrid doesn't have a colossal towing capacity - 800kg in FWD form, 1650kg in AWD form - whether that is sufficient will depend on the load you want to tow. In comparison, the petrol AWD auto is limited to 1500kg, while the diesel manual (FWD) will tow 2000kg. So it's a better bet that the petrol auto ...



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The reduced towing capacity I believe is due to the weight of the car(Hybrids being a lot heavier) and require heavier braking. This would be amplified towing a caravan. Would the brakes be up to it?

On a side note I had a Hybrid Peugeot  and the cooling ducts used to cool the |Hybrid Battery meant that the radiator grille area was smaller and the car could overheat if towing a heavy load. This may not be true on Toyotas, maybe someone on here can clarify?

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