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2015 touch upgrade to touch and go

Emma 79

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Hi, I've just bought a toyota Yaris sport 2015. It only has the basic touch infortainment system. I want to upgrade it to either get internet and/or satnav. The quote from a dealer is 800. Could I buy a used one and get it installed? For cheaper?

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12 hours ago, That Toyota Mechanic said:

The only way to upgrade it is to have the dealership do a retrofit using a Toyota computer, you might be able to buy one second hand but that would probably be even more expensive, and may not even work at all 


This is incorrect

You can pick up a used module for £150 -250 its plug and play for the most part, most of it is common sense tbf just make sure you get the cables with it, as well as picking up the GPS aerial


Regarding the internet access, it's just for the online services what is a paid service after 3 years, The nav is OK, the nav does add a bit more functionality to the touch as well


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