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The USB connector does not charge my android


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I have an android mobile that I want to charge with the car's built-in USB connector. The mobile shows that it is charging but unfortunately the power only decreases in the mobile. Anyone recognize that? I have also tried to use a USB adapter in the cigarette socket but with the same result

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I would try another phone. I had multiple charges, one that was even a fast charger, charging phone about 2% each minute.

Also, try another cable. Could be output power from your charger is quite poor, and phone discharges while being used.

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My experience with charging phones in car depends on the phone, the quality of the cable, the charger used, plus the USB output. I think the USB socket output or the cable used, is not good enough. It would be better to use a good quality USB/power (cigar lighter) socket adapter.

There are many variables which I state below. 

The phone may have a high capacity Battery and requires a high charging capability. When I have my Samsung S5 Neo (  socket), it was fine with most of the chargers and cables. Not quick due to micro USB, unless the socket has lint or the cable substandard, so causing charging issues. I then switched to Samsung Galaxy S8 and that phone let you know if the charging was insufficient. Cheap poor quality USB-C cables are exposed, so don't skimp. That cable is only fit for simple data transfer. I now have a collection of good quality USB-C cables and adapters for my newer phones, tablets and laptop. My current phone - Samsung Galaxy S20FE 5G (Snapdragon version) 4500mAh Battery, has quick charging like the S8 before it. The output must be at least 2.0amps at 5V. 
My phones have the latest updates and are optimised, using Samsung's system built-in management system.

So you need to read up on the phones requirement, do likewise with the Auris USB and try the cable that came with the phone, if not already tested. Or just use a power socket adapter and good cable!  I am using a multi adapter with 3 USB sockets and 2 power sockets, I bought from Lidl a few years ago.20210416_100528.thumb.jpg.5cc56f2b116ca0c836114c7a8e97f7bc.jpg

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