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Toyota Land Cruiser - Fuel Efficiency


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Hi Everyone, 

I'm new to the club and was wondering if any Land Cruiser owner was facing a similar issue to me! 

I currently own a 3L Land Cruiser 2010 and Im finding I am spending way to much on fuel every week. 

It seems that as the years have gone on (Owned the Vehicle 5 years now) my Land Cruiser has become increasingly thirsty. 

I know diesel cars tend to not be the most fuel-efficient but I wanted to know I could do anything other than completely replacing the vehicle. 

My close friend who runs a taxi firm in Somerset has told me about this diesel fuel injection which he uses on all his commercial vehicles: 


 Has anyone had any experience with this specific product or any other fuel additive which they could recommend to me? 

I know there is a big of stigma around fuel additives but I thought it might be worth a try. 

Thanks in advance guys, looking forward to your responses


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Never use the product,  but my landcruiser fuel consumption was terrible, found out the air mass was faulty and a connection/earth was faulty so the ecu wasn't getting the correct information for fuel, i was doing 30/40miles to 15liters of fuel, now im doing 180/200miles to 20/25liters of fuel, this issue wont bring up a engine check light, as the emissions wasnt a issue until 2014, get it checked, also egr can cause an issue

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