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Alarm location

John Chandler

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Mine came to me with a leaflet for the TVSS IV-D security system.  Perhaps yours has the same.  To arm the system without interior protection, press the lock button on the remote three times within 15 sec.  The 3rd press should give a longer flash on the hazard lamps.

There is no mention of an alarm box in the Parts Catalog.  It may be built into the Anti-theft device, see Scheme 1 Ref 5 (or Scheme 2 Ref 4) Item 89780 here.

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That was a bad guess on my part.  I have now found installation instructions for Toyota TVSS IV-S Installation Instructions Manual for the Rav4.  The syren is attached to the Battery carrier - see page 32 of the manual.  The processor (ECU) is in the dash - see page 29.

The manual is for the "S" version, whereas the leaflet in my Toyota manual folder is for the "D" version.  Reading the arming instructions in the companion Operating Manual, I think the difference is probably in software, and so I hope the hardware is in the same locations.

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