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Bluetooth in Avensis model w58832


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Hi i have a Toyota Avensis 2006 executive with a w58832 6 Cd player integrated. I want too hook it up with a yatour bluetooth module but do i have a 6+6 din connection in the back. According to the internet it could work, anyone experience with IT?

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Yatour cover most stereos for Toyota and will state if they are compatible or not. The problem is that not every Toyota unit is covered, so you have take the risk of the unit not being compatible. I did that and was lucky, because T27 (2009 on) models were not mentioned. 

I use a Bluetooth/USB adapter for my T27 that has W53828 radio/CD player. Even though the stereo has bluetooth, it is only for voice calls and depending on the phone, satnav voice directions. 

With my current Bluetooth/USB unit (WEFA), the USB source is select by DISC/AUX button or MODE button on steering wheel. On the bluetooth side, so long as the phone is paired, by starting the music on the phone, the system will switch and play music from the phone. I am not sure how the Yatour functions. Also if I say Hi Google or Okay Google, the phone will pause whatever source is playing and wait for your command or question. Other thing is to check the connections and that any wires are not broken between the interface and stereo. 

Yatours site -  http://www.yatour.net/


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