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Using The Motoring Ombudsman (TMO) for Complaints


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I purchased a new Auris in November 2017, in October 2019 the catalytic converter was stolen at the same time as another Toyota in  the same car park. This caused me considerable grief and trouble and I reported this to the police and the car dealership (Jemca of Bromley) who gave me short shrift.

So I sent a letter of complaint direct to Toyota UK on the basis that the there was a design fault which enabled thieves easy access to this expensive piece of equipment expecting they might at least recognise this and offer at least recall and the installation of a lock, they again dismissed my complaint out of hand.

I therefore had to proceed with an insurance claim and the converter was replaced but this cost me the excess and of course my insurance premium has increased substantially.

I consulted “Which” and they advised me to make a claim through “The Motoring Ombudsman” (TMO) - this I did on the 11th December 2019, they advised me make my complaint through TMO against Jemca of Bromley and I have just received their adjudication (15 months later!) which found in favour of Jemca.

My only option I appear to have is to take legal action which would be very expensive so I am quite aggrieved by this whole process and would be grateful to be advised if any members of the club have complained  through the TMO on this very common problem and met with more success than me?


Harry Planche


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The complaint would have needed to be against the dealer as that is who your contract is with - not the manufacturer. 

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My point exactly. It’s a design fault. They have buried their heads in the sand. Insane. I have heard through a friend who worked for them in a PR capacity that they were shiitting bricks over this issue. I’m thinking of starting a Facebook group to get people together on this one. Anyone interested email me on donbishop5@icloud.com

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