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Navigation problems


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Does anyone else get incorrect instructions from their Navigation system when there are roadworks in the area? I have a 2019 Corolla Design with 2020v2 map update and it seems to be worse then ever. I came back from the East Coast yesterday and it kept trying to send me on roundabout diversions in the wrong direction. Roads kept showing as blocked when they weren't and I got constant "perform a U turn where possible" commands. On the way there, 2 days previously it kept trying to divert me from the A46 Lincoln bypass into the centre of Lincoln, even when I was well past the centre and approaching the A158 to Skegness! I have had the odd problem before but never as bad as this. Can anyone throw any light on it please?

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Hi do you know what preferences you have set for the navigation? There is fastest, shortest & ecological. Have a look at page 98 of the nav manual. You can also have "avoids" though I guess you'd have to set them yourself so you'd know See pages 79 onwards. 

I had a Nav issue & took it to the dealer. They loaded new maps & software, that might be an option, though you may be up to date . My problem had the car being shown as driving in the opposite direction to what it was, the Nav told me to do a u turn about half a mile into the English Channel! 

Good luck 

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