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Hiace handbrake


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Hi all,

New owner of 1998 Toyota Hiace campervan and just had vehicle fully serviced. Handbrake was already kind of 'lose' so possibly stretched cable, if that is possible, but now it seems to have gone and breaks are seized on. I have managed to book in to local garage but that is still 10 miles away so worried about driving against the friction and possibly do damage to the newly replaced discs.

Any advice or guidance on what i can reasonably expect to pay for a replacement cable being fitted?


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Slacken off the adjuster on the hand brake - if the rear discs were worn someone has adjusted the handbrake to take up the slack rather than sorting the issue new pads and discs will pull the cable tight even with the handbrake off

edit. Just looked it up the rear has parking brake shoes in side of the disc - New disc = New parking brake drum, these have self adjusters so it's more than likely the handbrake needs adjusting as the shoes and disc/drum have settled in

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Many thanks for the good advice, have managed to trace and tighten the adjuster bolts where you suggested and appears to be working now.

Much appreciated!

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