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Despite the multimedia screen displaying all my phone contacts,  my hands free lady keeps saying my contact list is empty when I ask her to telephone  anyone whose name is  on that list.  

If she were sitting with me in the car I would probably throw her out. Anyone sorted out what is going on here? 

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When you receive a call does it show as unknown on info screen despite the caller being in your contact list. I haven't tried hands free yet but my car displays all my contacts on the car info screen but when I receive a call from a listed contact it shows the calling telephone number on screen but lists caller as unknown. Wondering if similar issue as mine also a 21 model year. I haven't had time to look properly into this and if I'm missing something. Will try hands free next time I'm in the car. I'm sure I can select a name from the contact list manually on screen and it will call the number. 

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Checked my connection today again and strangely everything  working  callers showing and handsfree working, except struggling with my accent..... now I remember why I never used it in the Auris TS.

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