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complete battery / electric shutdown


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I came to my 06 Rav 2L diesel over the weekend & although there was normal power, the Battery was insufficient to turn her over. I hooked up the wifes FFocus using jump leads. I got back into the drivers seat & then all the electronic power suddenly went off with a 'click' - it is completely dead.


I checked the fuses in the main fuse box & all seemed ok. This is now the limit of my mechanical ability & would extremely appreciate any advice / knowledge from owners who may have experienced similar issues



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It sounds a bit strange.

Are you 100% certain you connected the jump leads correctly with PLUS to PLUS and NEGATIVE to either the NEGATIVE on the Rav4 Battery or to a recommended ground point such as an unpainted and bare engine mounting or chassis point.

Do you have a multimeter?

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The 4.2 and 4.3 have two fuse boxes, one in the engine bay and one in the cabin. I assume you have checked the cabin one as it has more fuses, it’s likely the one in the engine bay you need to look at.

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