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Cam Chain replacement query


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Hi, I intend installing a new SKF cam chain kit in our late 2009 1.0 Yaris with the 1kr FE engine as there is definitely some noise from it.

I'm not perturbed about doing the job but can anyone confirm whether it is possible to leave the sump in situ when removing the cam chain cover?

I have seen some mention somewhere that this is possible but don't want to risk breaking anything if it is not.

Obviously, leaving the sump in situ removes one less item to potentially leak.

I can easily make up a tool to lock the crank but has anyone used a high torque Impact gun to remove the crank nut rather than locking it up and using a breaker bar.


Thanks in advance Darryl


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There are plenty of vids on YouTube iirc there are 2 studs that come out of the oil pump and into the sump, you may be able to remove the studs, but you will still need to seal the sump on that edge

i will drop you a PM

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You now fore sure its the chain??  these engine has a problem with piston slapping specialy with a cold engine. How is the oil consumption ??

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