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2015 RAV4 White smoke from exhaust manifold after oil change


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Hey all,

I changed oil on my 2015 Rav4 for the first time and everything went okay as per the instructions and research that I did.

I started the car after refilling the oil and I noticed that a white smoke is coming out of the exhaust manifold. I don't know if this is because of the oil change that I did or if it's normal.


Based on my research feelings I have noticed and found are. 

No oil is spilling down from the car, the oil lipstick shows normal level slightly higher towards the second dot (but still between the two dots) .


1. One possible reason I am thinking is: As I was pouring the new oil into the engine I noticed that little oil was trickling down from the bottle and falling onto the exhaust manifold. I immediately wiped it off with a rag and I don't see any oil left on top of the manifold visually but some drops may have gone inside the manifold through this lit and the white smoke could be a result of potentially this oil burning off.

The car is very well maintained with regular servicing from the dealer every 5, 000 mies  and has absolutely no issues. This is the first time I decided to do oil change on the Rav4 so I'm concerned that I may have done something wrong.


I would greatly appreciate your advice or experiences of similar situations as I'm really worried that I may have screwed up something.


Thank you in advance for your help. 

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