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Hi my name is Danny and as the username suggests I drive a 1.4 D4d Auris, I recently bought this car - November 2020-  and had Alot of problems with it 😅 

The most recent one being trying to take of break calipers to replace break pads, the hulk must of tightened them bolts and covered them in muck. I've been snooping thru these fourms for a while also. 

I drive a three door Auris, which makes me feel inferior to every other owner in the form but I love the car also. 

People told me to lower my car but I plan to avoid that. 


If someone can help me with exhaust systems that would be amazing, I don't know what I should do, axel back, cat back or  straight pipe, I love the pewww of the engine and want to hear it more, what's the best option for me and has anyone done it in Northern Ireland or the Republic and gotten a price?

Thank you 


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Hi Danny, 3 door looks much better, I like mine anyway 😄

I had* to lower mine as the drive from my previous car was just too wobbly, nothing OTT just Eibach Sportline springs on existing struts, sorted the ride out instantly.

EDIT: Just thought with yours being a TRD it probably already comes with sports springs.

Welcome and good luck with your car mate.


*really wanted to 😛

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