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Hi All, My D900 OBD2 decided not to work when checking for faults on my 2005 Celica so I plugged in my Memoscan OBD2 in and that wouldn't work either. So to check if there was a fault with the car OBD socket and couldn't find anything so I created a fault by disconnecting the air flow socket, the engine stalled and I now had a engine fault showing on dashboard as expected. I tried the scanners again but still not working. So I decided to try my ELM327 Wi-Fi interface with my laptop but still no joy. I connected the air flow socket again and I now have a fault showing that I can't clear because the OBD socket isn't working. The fault would appear to be the car but I don't know what it could be. Any help and suggestions welcome.

Regards Terry H

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I suspect the OBD fuse may be blown. I don't own your car, but I Googled searched OBD fuse Toyota Celica 2005, result -  https://www.autogenius.info/toyota-celica-2004-2005-fuse-box-diagram/ and https://knigaproavto.ru/shemy/en/toyota/celica/750-1999-2005-toyota-celica-fuse-box-diagram.html . If you have the owners manual, it will confirm the location of the OBD fuse. The OBD fuse is located in the under dash fuse box. It is rated 7.5A.

I blew the OBD fuse on my Avensis using the paperclip method, trying to fix something. In your case, the fuse could have been blown for sometime, probably in the past and you were not aware. If you are not the first owner, then before you owned the car. 
Once the OBD is working, hopefully you won't find any hidden surprises!

Good luck.

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As above, if the obd device doesn't light up it is usually a power issue you can check the socket with a multimeter, i have come across cars what main dealers have said needed an ecu as the "computer doesn't talk" all because they couldn't check a fuse

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