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Looking to buy a 28 pin connector -Yaris radio


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I'm looking to buy the female 28 pin connector that will match the male plug on the original loom connected to the radio I don't want to make improvised connections to the original loom, therefor I would like to have the connector for it. I've ordered one from Aliexpress but it appears that there are two types of the connector and the one they sent me is the wrong one. unfortunately, they don't have the other type. please let me know if you know where I can find it. attached pic of the type of the connector that I'm looking for (marked with an arrow).




28 pin.jpg

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These are difficult to source in small quantities (females have holes and the male has pins) i get mine from a supplier based in Japan they are made by Sumitomo (SWS) the terminals require the correct set of crimpers as well what makes a one off cable expensive

You can just add the pins to the existing plug the terminals are dirt cheap  ,Toyota sell the repair pig tails at $15 each!!! (terminal and 200 mm of wire pre crimped)

IIrc you should be able to get a camera add on cable that's 28 pin that's male to female


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You will not get them as there is a min quantity on the order - 1 connector is likely to cost $30 with the shipping, Toyota will sell you the housing with no terminals

The last order i placed was over $300 plus shipping and that's classed as the bare min order

They are Sumitomo NH series one of my suppliers only list the 24 and 32 pin variants


Toyota part numbers

90980–12555 $4

90980–12409 $4

terminals will cost you $15-20 ($10 min charge plus shipping) i suggest you order 50 of each as its easy to mess them up

crimpers - $20-60


I spent years tracking down the Japanese connectors - as they are used on most Jap cars and bikes


you can find the camera add on leads / aux leads for $10-20 on aliexpress but the quality may not be great




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Flash22, I would like to ask for your advise. I followed the search for p.n. 90980-12409  and I've found a connector repair manual issued by Toyota and in it, among a zillion connectors, I found the 90980-12410 p.n. it looks similar and I wonder if you know if they changed the part number. 


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