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Replacement engine on an 06


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I have a 56 plate with the 2AD-FTV engine. bought it a year ago as a 1 owner with FTSH. Basically engine is now cooked - head gasket and back pressure issue, etc.

Problem I'm getting in search of replacement is that I would rather a later model engine (to avoid same issues) Did the 2AD-FHV resolve the head gasket issue?

If so, would it fit at all - and if so, would that mean that all the ancillaries from the FHV need to be swapped over? Do some fit and some don't?

Apologies for all the questions - was hoping someone could answer as I'm going round in circles trying to find out 😵

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I thought the T180 was the FHV variant of the engine. 

Ive got an 06 T180 and that's got the FHV not the FTV Diesel engine. The FTV and FHV are not interchangable with out having new wiring harness, injectors etc... 

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