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In search of stock Supra MK IV

Ross S

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Hey. I'm looking for a stock Supra MK 4. I found several variants In the US, but they didn't fit for various reasons. I decided to look somewhere in Europe.

My question is, Is it possible to find an uncrashed stock Supra, and how much will it cost me to ship it to the US?

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2 years ago i was looking for Land Cruiser 70 . And i can safely tell you these cars are more dead than alive. Even if you don`t see the lights on the dashboard, this does not mean that everything is fine with the car, you will not drive even miles as they light up. You can find a good car, but it will take much more than a couple of months. You can use it to search this site or this.
It is not difficult to ship a car to the US there is a lot of information about it on the Internet. But registering it is not easy, so I advise you to look for a car in the USA.

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6 minutes ago, Ikram Shahar said:

U looking for a manual turbo?


I`m looking for whith 2jz-gte and v16x gearbox

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22 hours ago, Ross S said:

I`ve already lost hope that it will be found for normal price.

I found one, looks like stock


Here is the info about shipping and carrier https://movewheels.com/top-6-car-shipping-companies-in-usa/

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