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When to replace engine mounts?

Chris Boddum

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Hey people!

I recently bought new summer tyres and wow, feels like a brand new car! The engine seems to still vibrate a little when hot, both at idle and at around 2000 revs. It also seems to jolt a little when going between engine braking and accelerating. It only does so after motorway driving and not after city driving.

This gives me an idea that the engine mounts might need replacing. The car is 5.5 years old, so does that sound reasonable? And does it sound correct that the engine mounts might be worse when the engine bay is nice and hot (say only after motorway driving?) 

Either way, I should probably just own up to it and replace them.

Thanks guys!

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I never needed to replace the engine mounts on my 12 year old C1, they're not regarded as a consumable item nor one that needs regular replacement.

The rubber in them will be softer when hot like after a motorway run, but that will apply to new mounts also.


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Engine mounts can go easily even on  relatively new cars, if driven like maniac or rally car. In normal circumstances they usually lasts long 10-15+ years, they also deteriorate more if the car been used on salty motorways in winter months. Best if in doubt to check all of them with help from someone, wiggle the engine and watch with torch each mount for excessive movement or if rubber is broken, then replace if just move slightly that’s normal. 

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Thank you for the responses to both of you. I've heard that the Aygo uses engine mounts quicker than other engines because of the nature of the imbalance of the engine meaning more vibrations. However, I was pretty certain that engine mounts should last at least 10 years, possibly more, and this car is only slowly nearing 6 years of life. I'll be sure to go down and wiggle the engine a little and see if I can spot anything obvious on the mounts. Thanks!

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