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Water Pump Fitted

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Thank god is all I can say, i have just had a very nervous week thinking that my car wouldn't be ready for Jae on Sunday.

But my mechanic has perservered and fitted the pump, although we had problems because i purchased a Motaquip pump for a corolla Ae101 4age 16 valve, after seeking advice on the forum the general opinion was that the pump should fit all 4A blocks.

Well the pump did fit but the pulleys didn't :ffs: , there is a difference of 5mm between the 16 valve pump and my original 20 valve pump. which if i had thought about it i would have realised this before, as the 20 valve head is obviously bigger.

But somehow he has adapted everything to fit and it works :thumbsup: i dont know what the bill is yet :!Removed!: probably alot as he spent alot of time on it.

It probably would have been cheaper to buy an original pump from toyota, but they would not have got the pump in stock in time for me to come upto to Jae, and that was more important.

But i do recomend that anyone else get the original part it is alot less hassle. :thumbsup:

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Wise words there mate.

It's not as cheap, but it's right first time buying genuine stuff. At least you got it all sorted in time.

Enjoy JAE ! I know I will (huge crate of Becks will see to that.)



cold becks B) i'll come and find you :thumbsup:

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