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Thinking about buy-in an Estima hybrid

SimonB Sheff

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Hi all,

I’m new here - because I don’t own a Toyota - yet!

I’ve never driven a Toyota (only aged Mercedes estates or vans), but I’ve read up about them on the internet and they sound like what I want.

I’m looking into buying an imported Estima 2.4 petrol/electic hybrid. I’m looking for one with 5 years/50,000 miles of life in it, so maybe an early third generation, from 2006 onwards.

But I’ve still got some questions - can anyone help with the answers?


If I get an Estima, is there an English translation of the owner’s guide?

Can I deliberately switch between Battery and petrol when driving?

How do you tell how well the Battery is retaining charge or needs replacing?

Can the Battery be replaced easily?

If there is an issue with the battery/electric side of driving, how easy/costly is it to get fixed?

For road tax, does the hybrid fall into the same emissions class as the petrol version?

Any fault/issues the model is known for?

Anything else I should know?


Thanks in advance,



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Owner book you can buy on eBay about £25 

you can switch only electric, for certain speed and distance.

you will get error code if Battery needs replacement. You can do a yearly inspection of a Battery, around £100

New Battery cost £1500 with labor

road tax is £270

the car is not good on road noise. So i would do a sound deadening. 

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Welcome, Simon....a good choice...but I know nowt about hybrids I'm afraid

My MkII Estima is a full-on 3 litre V6 N/A petrol...had it 5 years and I love it.!

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