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Toyota ProTect


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I have been offered the ProTect https://www.toyota-europe.com/service-and-accessories/genuine-accessories/protect from my dealer on purchase on new Rav4

I obtained the car via UK price comparable site CarWow so the dealer is too far away.

Part of the cover is a 5 year Guarantee.

On speaking with my local Toyota (across the road from my house) they have said they do not sell this so wouldn't be checking it during my services and confirming anything re it to cover the 5y guarantee. 

So I am left if I purchase it with the protection on car..  hope it lasts for the 5 years and if it doesn't well I can't claim on it...   what's your thoughts.. is it still worth it?

im of the opinion to just get it and forget about it!   its £300 (down from £399)...

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Paintwork protection treatments are really a personal choice as regards whether they offer value. Some prefer to carry out their own protective treatment or polish, others are happy with the products offered. Really is swings and roundabouts. I'd say if you want a paint protection applied, rather than do it yourself, go ahead. 

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