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Tail light 10mm nut fell down opening whilst refitting, how do i get it out?

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After noticing water droplets coming from one of the tail lights, i decided to try and clean the area before ordering new gaskets.

Whilst in the process of refitting, i managed to drop the 10mm nut down the exposed opening.

Does the whole plastic trim need to come off, or is there a simpler way of getting to it?

2001 1.5 litre


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Can you see it using a small mirror and torch? If so, what Steven said! However, a magnet on a string might be frustratingly attracted to the steel bodywork. As an alternative, dependent on situation, a telescopic magnet or "grabber".

If not, trim off. Or even easier, source another nut and washer. It's probably a standard Metric thread. At least you'll know what's rattling back there, when driving!

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Another method would be to wrap some strong tape such as duct tape (Gaffer tape) around a stick/long pencil etc after 2 or 3 turns twist and invert the tape so that the sticky area is to the outside, carry on wrapping until it's big enough to stick to the nut (If you wrap enough tape and create a ball on the end it will make the job easier) slide the 'sticky' stick into the void and prod about until you have secured the nut then lift it out.

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Thanks for all the helpful replies 😀

I ended up just buying a new nut with the corresponding OEM number. Cost almost nothing anyway.

I'm stripping the interior for sound deadening later this year, i'll get to it then.

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