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Rav4 mk2 sunroof seal


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I have 2003 Rav4 that I am restoring for another long years to drive. I had a big problem with water leak through my sunroof. I cleaned all the drains, but during the stronger rain my interior gets really wet, so I ended sealing whole sunroof with a black gorilla tape. I found that the problem is the actual seal around the sunroof glass, but I can't find it where I can get a replacement. Toyota services told me they can order whole glass with seal, but that seems a little overkill regarding the price, which they quoted around £370

Does anyone know where I could get the actual rubber without rhe glass? Maybe someone was restoring their sunroof and have some advise?

Thanks in advance!

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If you decide you need a new glass, you may still be able to get one from Amayama.com.  They may even be at reduced price to clear.

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my sunroof frame had rusted badly under the seal causing it to bulge. I tried getting a new replacement seal to put on after threting the rust and ended up in the same situation!

I ended up buying a complete sunroof from a breaker (<£100 I think).

You can try sunroof/ glass fitters

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