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Will a diesel gearbox fit a petrol engine?


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No, You can't pair diesel gearbox to petrol engine.

Petrol gearbox: 333770E.png

Diesel gearbox: 333761.png

Bolts position doesn't match. Clutch housing (to engine block) have also bolts lot different places between diesel and petrol.

And then there is problem with gear ratio etc..

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Even though the OP has got the answers, I notice he has a T27 from his profile. Since all manual T27's regardless of fuel type have 6 speed, I would only assume it is difficult to source a replacement petrol version, since there are more diesel gearboxes available! Unless the housing is destroyed, it would better to find a gearbox specialist to replace any damaged/worn internals. Otherwise wait until a suitable matching second hand gearbox becomes available.


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