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High pitched noise when braking


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Hi All,

another random question. When I apply pressure to the break pedal, I get a high pitched electric noise from around the dash area- almost as though I can hear the electric heading to the brake lights. 
anyone else notice this? Is it just a feature not a fault? 

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The car does make some unusual noises like this. They're not loud and are only noticeable because its other wise very quiet at lower speeds. I'm not sure which models have the under-bonnet lining but those that don't will be a bit louder because that is where the high voltage electronics are situated. You can be sure that if the noise is at a very even pitch and volume it is not mechanical.

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That’s great thanks very much. Not something I’ve ever heard on any other cars. Even the C-HR I had for 5 months before this. 
i didn’t think it was mechanical but didn’t know if it was a characteristic of the car or not. 
many thanks for the reply 

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