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intermittent smoke from exhaust.


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-Hello all, my car 4-5 month ago started smoking greyish-blue smoke and month by month increased in intensity. Had it checked out at my mechanic and we found out it was the turbo throwing oil all over the place. Replaced that with a brand new one from autodoc.com (~500euros)(JP GROUP Has IHITurbo written on it same as original one) Toyota quoted me 1500euros and thought that it was insane . 

-mechanic replaced the turbo with the new one and cleaned the DPF with chemicals for just 200euros. Driving the car now feels a lot better with much more better acceleration and feel.

-The current problem now is that every now and then greyish smoke appears randomly and sometimes has hard starts , we think that it might be the 5th injector but we don't know for Sure yet but we might replace it just to get it out of the way as is our cheaper option.

-if anyone has any idea or countered similar problems please let me know because at this point I am tired of troubleshooting and the only thing that keeps me from selling it its because I love it, smooth ride, pulls like a train, very comfortable and it has everything I can possibly want(sunroof, bluetooth etc.)

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the article, its very helpful and that seems like the cause. going to try some of the things mentioned and see what happens.

If anyone has something that they tried please post

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23 minutes ago, taxijeff said:

Sorry..i cant see what car-engine-year . have i missed it

It's in the left hand column, under the big green M.

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