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Calling good mechanics!!

Davi L

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Hi all,

im sick to death of rip off mechanics who don’t tell you when they don’t know what’s up with the car. My challenge is for a good mechanic to reply to this and help me sort out a lemon I was sold by a dodgy dealer aa cars in Birmingham. I have money to pay just want a no nonsense mechanic on my side. So if you’re the man (or woman) get in touch. Birmingham based preferably.



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On 5/5/2021 at 9:16 PM, Tigit said:


Any particular problem with your car? Perhaps someone there can help you.

Good luck!

I need a few things. Diagnose some intermittent issues. It cuts out when idle, scv valve I presume. Low engine pressure, coolant doesn’t stay full up.



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I found my mechanic just reading other people reviews on his garage. You can try the same.

If a mechanic is good, he has no need to go around and hunt for work.

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