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Agreed value car insurance - RAV4 Giant

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Does anyone have an agreed value on their older Toyotas? I have a 2000 Rav4 Giant and suspect that if I were to have an accident a regular insurer would give me a very low valuation. The car has been mine for all of its life and is in very good condition so I would like to protect its value. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good broker?

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Thank you. That was what I was thinking but one "Classic" insurer has already refused to quote so I didn't want to waste my time ringing round if they were all going to say it is not a "classic" car!

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The chances are you won’t get an agreed value as they may not consider it a classic.

I had a 98 rav 4 and had an accident which was my fault damage was more than the value of car however I did not claim for the damage because they would have written it off but I got it repaired at a local body shop for £250.

My point is most insurers will Wright off a low value vehicle with relatively little damage but is often repairable at a body shop that is not used by insurers.

I tried to insure my rav 4 third party fire and theft but comprehensive was cheaper can you believe it!!

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Thanks for that info - as I suspected. Annoying as there are only 53 Giants left on the road - last one on eBay went for £1995 and there's one for sale on Autotrader at the moment for £2990. I suspect an insurer would never pay out these amounts for a 21 year old car.

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On 5/4/2021 at 5:08 PM, FROSTYBALLS said:

The current thinking seems to be that a classic car is one over 40 years of age.

Cannot speak for GB cars, here in Ireland cars need to be at least 30 years old before being regarded as a Classic for insurance purposes and must pass the NCT (MOT) up until the car is at least 40 years old, at which point road tax is reduced to €50 vintage tax.

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