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help please ? On a  2020 Dynamic Hybrid the average mpg shown on the dash as I understand it is just for the current journey ?

How can I get an idea of the overall mpg since new ?

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If you haven’t reset it then that is the average mpg since it was last reset. The white line that goes up and down as you drive is the instaneous figure.

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Have you had a look at the manual? I know the printed versions supplied are pretty minimal, but the online version tends to be more comprehensive.

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Reading the manual is a good idea - page 140 on seems to cover this ...

I think your / our options are:

  1. Average fuel consumption since last reset
  2. Average fuel consumption since last fill - so fuel consumption per tank
  3. Average fuel consumption since last engine on - so fuel consumption per trip

I don't think fuel consumption since new is an option ... but I could be wrong - it isn't the world's easiest read! 😉

Mine's set to fuel consumption per trip since that seems "amusing". I record mileage and fuel added (brim-to-brim) anyway which gives me consumption per tank and total since new ...

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TBH I have yet to find a car trip computer that wasn’t a work of fantasy. I use the RoadTrip app, the free version is OK, but I paid the £2 or whatever it was to support the dev. Service reminders, tyre life, expenses etc. are all easily managed and it lets me keep track of parts for warranty purposes too, it would be nice if it let me link photo’s for purchases, but apparently that’s on the road map. I also get much more accurate mpg averages than the car’s claims and the cost breakdowns can be eye opening/watering.

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