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Updating the satnav/sound system in my toyota aygo 2011

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I recently bought my first car and am VERY happy with it, however I want to know if I can update the satnav or sound system? When I bought the car I was reassured that it had bluetooth, which I assumed meant I could connect my iPhone to it and play music out of the car's sound system. Unfortunately the bluetooth only stretches as far as connecting my call log and contacts to the car for handsfree phone calls. 

I know you can get funky car audio screens fitted, but I'm wondering if it'd be possible to just buy an updated version of the TomTom satnav that already came with the car? It's one of those satnavs which I can remove and charge from the car and then slot back into its built in docking station when I'm driving. Is there a newer version of this which provides a more up-to-date in-car technology?


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If you have the tom tom there is no real upgrade path (yes you can update the maps) other than going aftermarket with a 2 din radio and a fascia - a basic pioneer touch screen is around £140 upwards Android auto/apple car play units start around the £300 mark various models have DAB

Avoid cheap no name Chinese tat, its cheap for a reason

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