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MMT Multi-mode ECU replacement for Auris automatic 2007


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My friend has a Toyota Auris automatic 2007, he want to replace his MMT Multi-mode ECU, as you can see on attached files, the one with number 25 is the original and the one with the number 27 is the new one, we want to know if we can replace the original with the new one ? If it is compatible ?


Sorry for my poor english.




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According to japan-parts.eu the 27 one is also for 1st gen Auris, but fitted on diesel engines.

I don't know if there is any big difference between the clutch fitted for diesel and gasoline, but i presume it's more or less the same. And the module needs to re-learn the position anyways.


I had power steering module go bad, and i replaced it with a module from a diesel one. Works fine 2+ yrs now.

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No they are not cross compatible, the shift points are set at different timings for petrol and diesel.

Your original ECU was replaced by 89530-12251 and then by a final countermeasure part 04009-31112. 

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16 hours ago, LeTux said:

Ok, so we need to get a ECU with number 25.

thank you guys

You need to ensure the part number matches:

89530-12250 was the original and will work however

8953-12251 was an improvement on 12250 and 

04009-31112 is the latest part number witrh the latest software and improvements and would be the best part of all three

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