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Does 2017 Corolla have remote keyless entry?

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My Granddaughter recently purchased a 2017 Corolla LE Eco.  How can we find out if it has remote keyless entry?  The car had only one key and that key had no buttons on it.  Is there something in the VIN or in a downloadable spec sheet that would say if it had this capability?  Is there any way to just look at the car and see if it has the stuff onboard for this capability?  Thanks, Bob

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Hi, this will depend on what spec is the car, if yours has only a standard key , no start button, and no touch sensitive button on the door handle means your car has no keyless entry and start. Usually only higher specs models has that and again depending on the market the car is built for. 

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UK/European spec cars will be different in specifications to US models - the LE Eco is a US market vehicle. Also the Corolla wasn't sold in the UK between 2007 and early 2019, as hatchbacks and estates sell much better in this market than saloons/sedans.

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18 hours ago, Gyrobob said:

I went to Toyota.com and downloaded the vehicle specs.  It looks as if the car left the factory with remote keyless entry.

corolla vehicle spec from toyota 01.pdf 549.59 kB · 2 downloads

That is different from smart keyless entry and start option where you only need the key fob in your pocket and can unlock/lock the car by touching the door handle, start the car with push button. Your front doors handles should have built in touch sensitive buttons, on the picture below is models xse trim doesn’t appear to have one. https://cars.usnews.com/cars-trucks/toyota/corolla/2017/photos-exterior/door-handle
My car has it and although it’s older model it looks like that on the second picture., your model perhaps the button is two lines on the front of the handle but I can see non. 



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