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Speakers blown?


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I wonder if someone can help me. I have a 2005 Rav4 and recently, while driving, there was loud bang and my Speakers stopped working. I can still get the radio etc but without sound. I had a look online and found where the wires were and wiggled them and the sound came on for about 2 seconds and went out again. Here's the thing. I'm a grey haired older woman and the last time I tried to get a repair done they were going to charge over a grand. Someone else saw the problem straight away, fixed it and didn't even charge me. It took him about 3 minutes. How do I find a place who won't try and take advantage of me. I'm pretty fiesty but young blokes seem to see me coming. I've had a look online and I can see how to fix it but arthritic hands won't let me do it. Any ideas please. I'm in Melbourne, Aust. 

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Could be any number of things. Where did you wiggle the wires? Is it the original head unit? Unlikely to be a problem with all the Speakers if the sound is intermittent, I'd say a loose connection behind the radio itself. Go to a reputable car audio centre and get them to replace the head unit with something modern.

Get a quote first for fitting of a radio you like? You don't have to say anything about it not working currently if you are paying them to fit a brand new unit. Kenwood, Alpine, Sony etc all do good cheap aftermarket radios. You will need a facia adapter and harness these should not be expensive at all...

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