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Door lock problem Corolla 2012

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Hey guys ! New to the forum, I have a 2012 Corolla with a door lock problem. No door lock is working. When i press the key fob the car does the normal sound of Beep Beep but nothing happens. On both driver/passenger door when I press the lock unlock button I only hear clicking but nothing happens. 

Whats sketchy is once the front passenger door worked for a trip after didnt anymore, and once the rear driver side door was barely working and stopped. 

Sometimes the SRS light turns on while driving. I dont know if its related.

And I tried plugging it with my Lauch scanner and a friends scanner and its not able to read anything ! 

I changed the underdash fuse box, and checked the fuse. It didnt fix the problem. 

I searched on the internet and nobody looks like they had the same problem. 

All the rest looks fine, and everything works perfectly on the car. 

Guys have any idea !? 


Thanks !!!

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