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Smart Water catalytic converter marking

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I've just received an email from my Toyota dealer inviting me to get my catalytic converter forensically and invisibly marked with Smart water for free. Apparently this is part of a nationwide initiative led by the police to reduce the level of catalytic converter thefts. 

My car is due for its annual service next month so I will ask them about this. I don't know how much of a deterrent a marked cat would really be but hey - if it puts off someone nicking my cat then I'm thinking it's got to be worth it! Especially as it is free. 😋

Anyone else heard of this or had it done? Presumable you get a sticker in the window to warn would be thieves... ?

PS. Use the term "Smart Water" (two words) or you will fall foul of the censorship on this forum, LOL.

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  • Velvet--Glove changed the title to Smart Water catalytic converter marking

If it's invisibly marked I doubt it'll be much of a deterrent. Seems like a visible mark would be better.

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47 minutes ago, FROSTYBALLS said:

Thanks for that, Mike. I had not heard of this initiative before and am surprised it has not come up here before. Seems to me that the more people who get this done the better as it will become less and less worthwhile for thieves to target these items. I understand that they are definitely put off by smart water marking on other things/places like lead roofs on churches so anything that helps alleviate our motoring concerns I'm all for doing. If thieves are aware that these items can now be rather "risky" to pinch they will hopefully be watching out for any warning stickers and move on. Maybe a visible warning will be placed underneath as well, I don't know.

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The smart water is little to no deterrent to thieves taking the catalysts as they are not the priority for the police, but what it does do is allow the police to trace the part when found in quantities,  as at present the police struggle to prove the catalysts they do find are stolen, without a traceable ID all they have is a pile of untraceable catalysts which the culprit (scrap metal merchant/exporter ) will claim as legitimate scrap removed from vehicles they are breaking.


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