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2000 2.2 SE spares?

Vapid Stanier

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You will need to import the parts from Japan as iirc USDM cars have different spec's


The 2.2 should be the 5SFE

PM me the vin then i dig up the info on the car

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Chassis number JT153SV2000509946. Any info would be appreciated. Many Thanks.

I would add, if I may, That I have not seen the vin number for myself, I cannot find it and believe me...I've looked.

Not in windscreen, under carpet, front bulkhead, engine, in boot or on any pillars. No numbers at all that I can find. I've just gone by what's quoted on previous MOT.

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More information.
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Sorry only just seen this.


Built - 06/2000

Colour - 6R1 (Green Mica)

The Vin sticker should be on the B pillar down towards the sill, metal plate and/or stamped on the bulkhead (passenger side) or inner wing - passenger side under the scuttle - Boot floor

does the engine number match ?

Edit. Do you have a scan tool ? The vin is stored in the ecu


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It's correct, found it on bulkhead. Loving my Camry, it's like driving a magic carpet compared with my last car. Magic carpet that needs bearings, and a few other bits. 

I see what you mean about different specs, all guidance in manuals suggest single pot front calipers, mine's fitted with twins. The cabin air filter is behind glovebox, mine is accessed through drivers foot well. Mine has foglights??

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Front bearings 90369-43008

Rears are a complete hub 42450-33020 (the aftermarket do the bearing and hub if your flange is ok)

Calipers (type A 08/1999 on)








Hope this is of some use.

ps. most of the manuals around a for the US cars




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