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Poor fuel economy 2.0 D4D


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Hi everyone. In yesterday i realese my car was getting bad fuel economy. Toyota claims it goes 18,5 on the liter. But my car is far from getting that.  My 5th injector is bad and im going to fix it soon myself. But i dont think a bad 5th injector can defekt the fuel economy. 

My car is a 2.0 D4D 2009 Avensis

Can anyone tell me if this is normal and can anyone tell me how much fuel economy their car gets?


Ingen tilgængelig beskrivelse.

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That's quite a bit more than expected. Having a 2007 estate 2.0 petrol doing 10-11 KM/L, sometimes flooring. Mostly city driving. I would say it should consume less. I would check air/fuel ratio to see if the fuel is not overfilling the cylinders. Then checking the fuel pressure and checking whether the injectors can hold the pressure.

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I can relate to this issue. I've 2008 (58 T25) 2.0lt D4D with 157,000 mls on the clock. When I first bought it (with 75,000 mls) I was getting almost 500 miles to a tank but over the years and especially now it now gets around 460 miles (less if I've used the A/C but I know this will drop the range any way so I take that into account). I service it every year (I was originally doing around 11/12,000 miles a year but now do around 7/8,000 miles a year) and use quality oil and decent oil filters (Blueprint) and change air filters when required. I've noticed some blow by when the engine is running and the oil filler cap is removed and oil residue on the inlet side of the turbo, but I'm assuming this from breather pipe which goes on to the air intake from the air filter. It's never really had the "pick up" on acceleration (I've driven other Avensis with the same engine and same (ish) mileage and they've seemed a lot quicker) and when I do/ give it a boot it has chucked out black smoke (I realise this is the unburnt fuel being dumped out) but it does a seem a bit thick. 

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