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Full Size Spare Wheel

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Has anyone experienced buying a full size spare wheel for their RAV4 and trying to have all 5 x wheels fitted with Tyre Pressure Monitoring Valves and all 5 supported by the cars TPMS system?


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My (admittedly limited) understanding of the TPMS system is it will only support 4 active inputs. You can pair it with new sensors, but given the spare is likely to be mismatched in terms of wear with whatever is still on the other side of the axle, you are either getting the puncture repaired or having a new replacement tyre fitted and putting it on the other side to the spare as a general rule. Availability of that new tyre is a whole other ball game….

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Yes, I have a full size 18" spare for my 2019 Excel.  It fits under the boot floor fine, except you can't use the lower position for the floor or put the load cover under the floor either.

I do have 5 TMWS sensors, but my usually excellent dealer admitted defeat in trying to get all five recognised.

I also have a set of all-season tyres, which I use for the winter.  Twice a year the dealer swaps all five tyres onto the alloy wheels and stores the unused tyres for me.  They reset the TPWS each time.  I've only experienced one fairly minor bit of snow and ice since getting this car, but by the time the original summer tyres wear out (it'll be a while!) I'll decide whether to used all-seasons all year round or switch to a summer set and winter set, like I had for my previous 2 cars.

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