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Throttle body

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Hi, I have a 2003 Corolla T3 1.4. The throttle body is part number 222100d090. 
I am looking to buying a good second hand one. I’ve seen that some places sell the same throttle body but for a 1.6 engine. 
my question is...does the 1.4 and 1.6 throttle bodies use the same sensors, or are they different for each engine size?

If a 1.6 would work straight away without having to swap sensors then I’ve seen and good used one for sale. 

Thanks, Dan

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It's the same part on the 3ZZ and 4ZZ the ecu is calibrated differently depending on its use (if they were different they would have their own part numbers) - you will have to do a TPS relearn or disconnect the Battery for 10-15 mins then drive the car


Swapping a sensor would defeat the reason for changing the TB, also the TPS is factory calibrated for that TB when manufactured

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