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How many miles/kilometers have you driven compared to others?

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I'm a member on the spritmonitor.de webpage. 

Currently have 205 Corollas 2.0 joined the fuel ranking. What surprises me, is that I rank no. 5 when it comes to driven miles. When I joined in november 2019, 190 others had already joined. 

Of course there a chance, that some profiles goes dead, but still, I'm not a salesman or anything. 

My speedo right now says 45.500 kilometers or some 28.000 miles since november 2019. 

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Toyota Owners Club doesn't support the promotion of other websites whether it is other owners clubs or associated services. 

Some members already use fuelly.com and seem satisfied with that. Additionally there are other websites that offer similar consumption tracking services, and whether members access one of these services is their choice.

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I have no wish to promote or sell anything. In general, topics often come with links to all kind of services or webshops. 

The only reason for my post, was that I was browsing the other cars in my group, and saw that many have done low miles/kilometers in total. More than half the cars have done less than half the distance, compared to my car. 

Only 4 out of 205 cars had done more miles than my car, and I dont find my self special in any way. 

So, are Toyota Hybrids buyers mostly people with a limited need for daily driving? 

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Well Toyota hybrids are popular choice for many drivers that drives a lot because they are efficient but also for many that doesn’t as  they just like the way these cars drives and been reliable. I personally drive Toyota hybrid for all of the above as my daily drive is very often an excess of 200 miles. I don’t use any apps though, my car is old and has no connected services anyway. Toyota hybrid driver since 2013. 👍🚘

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Thanks to Covid ending my commute (yay!) my car has only done 14K miles since I bought it over two years ago. I'm currently doing less than 60miles a week (visits to local golf courses). That's probably why I keep forgetting to check the fuel gauge. I can drive for nearly two months between fills.

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Put this way 98 premium has gone up 20p a litre (put in 3/4 of a tank on Monday) since i last filled up, i had to think what side the filler was on 🙃

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