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New to the Toyota forum but just awaiting our new Rav4 PHEV in Dynamic trim. Press photo of the colour we’ve choose attached.

The car is due on the 28th May and I have been tracking it’s progress on the MyToyota app and also receiving e-mail updates directly from Toyota UK.

The original order, some months ago, was subject to a test drive as there were no test cars available in the UK to try  but one became available at the end of April and we were given a set of keys and the car to play with for a few hours. It more than met our expectations and the order was confirmed. This is a very expensive relative to previous models we’ve owned but hope that the projected reliability and our expectation to keep it at least for the full 5 year warranty will justify its purchase. I’m retired but still clock up over 14k miles a year with probably over half of those miles will be run with the car in electric mode only, charged from the house.

I’ve never owned a Toyota before but have been driving for more years than I care to remember have a good portfolio of experience to make comparisons, in the last few I’ve owned Skoda Yeti’s, Land Rover Freelander, Subaru’s.  The current car is a Subaru XV,  great car but smaller than we really wanted and I’m plagued by the windscreen reflections without polarised glasses it’s a real pain, probably a combination of my height, seat adjustment etc., but uncomfortable day and night.





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Welcome on board TOC.

Great colour choice, looks very similar to my Prius and that was the main colour used in the Prius brochure.

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@Catlover thanks, the red colour is called Scarlet Flare.  I like the two tone red with the black roof it works well IMO as the majority of the trims a black (front back wheel arches etc.)

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