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CD player in my new 2020 Yaris Design - does it have one?

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I have the same model of car and haven't found one. Mind you, this is my third car in a row not to have one, i don't think many cars do these days.

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I stop using CD's in car 10+ years ago, I don't think anything other than base the base spec Yaris has had a CD player since 2014

The touch 2 does not support a USB external drive either, It may have legacy support for a cd changer, but a dealer will not fit it as it's not worth their time and/or it may not be available

it will be less hassle to use a pc/mac rip your cd's and save them to a USB stick/drive - a 16gb drive will hold 2000+ tracks (4-6 days worth)

a Kingston or SanDisk 16gb drive is around £8

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It's about moving with the times.
I have to admit many years ago, I was too attached to 'cassettes', until I got my '98 Avensis GLS with the standard radio/CD/cassette. The CD player had a fault, which I later fixed, but add a 10 disc changer. The cassette player was awful. Then I added a Connects2 i-connect USB interface between the CD changer and main unit. I later added bluetooth. When I got my current car - 2009 Avensis, it didn't have USB only AUX and the bluetooth on worked for voice calls! I bought a new Bluetooth/USB adapter and barely use the CD player, even though it can player MP3/WMA music

So long as you have a laptop or computer with a CD drive, converting CD to MP3 and load to a memory stick, is a quick and easy task.

So I have been weaned from cassettes and CD's to music on memory sticks or phone.  

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