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T27 weird high pitched sound


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About two months ago I bought a Toyota Avensis 2013 (1.8 petrol, 6-speed manual) with low kilometers (only 60 000km). I recently noticed that there is a high-pitched "whistle" on 3rd gear, which occurs only in the 1700-1900 rpm area. 

I found a video from youtube where this sound is audible if you listen carefully (starting from 4:49 at the video, or at 5:54).


Is this something that I should be worried about or is this just a "feature" of the vehicle?

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It's 'normal'. I have 1.8 Valvematic tourer and on light loads in 3rd and 4th gear, and possibly even 5th, I gear the high pitch sound. I had the same with my Mk1 1.8 '98 leanburn. That even had a replacement transmission due to bearings, and the new transmission had the same as before problem. I call it the Avensis sound. 😄

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Mine has similar at low load/light acceleration.  Particularly noticeable in 3rd but between 3000-3200rpm on mine.  High pitched whistle describes it well.  Has had loads of investigations but noise remains.  Concluded it's 'normal'!

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