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Used ECU reprogramming?!


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I'm new to this forum and hope to gain some good knowledge and maybe even share some too.

Hoping for some good advice on my 2014 1.8 Auris hybrid. I've had water damage and found some corrosion on my power management ecu and mpx body control. I'm hoping rather than buy new to buy these second hand units off eBay (Same part numbers)

1 - Are these interchangeable as long as same part number?

2 - If you can use used, do they have to be coded in? 


Attached pictures are the parts I need


Thanks in advance



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  • FROSTYBALLS changed the title to Used ECU reprogramming?!

Are you definitely sure the original modules can't be fixed?  Water corrosion can be cleaned.

Does the car work, or is it "dead in the water" ?


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You might get a reply from Prius Chat, Gen 3 is the most similar car and in America there's a huge number of people do their own repairs. Also it might be worth paying for a short subscription to Toyota's manual where you can find all the information. I believe you can do it for just a day but download as many pages as you want

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15 hours ago, Mar10r0ss said:

I've had water damage and found some corrosion on my power management ecu and mpx body control

Water leaks damaging ECUs are very rare on an Auris - I don't remember hearing of one before. 

I don't know where these ECUs live exactly, would you mind describing where and how the water came into the car?  What were the symptoms of the ECU fault?

If the water has actually got into the ECU enclosure itself, then, as you probably know, it can take a long while for it to dry out, especially as the water can get underneath close-fitting surface-mount components.  

I would be tempted to put the ECUs in a domestic oven at around 50 or so degrees for an hour or two, perhaps even longer. Just to be sure the moisture has gone. In summer, the car interior can easily hit 50 degrees, so this shouldn't be any problem.

Are you familiar, by the way, with the Toyota Techstream diagnostic tool that, as a 'cracked' copy, can be bought cheaply off eBay to run on a laptop?  I'm guessing you are.

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Thank you for the response guys. The damage occurred from a dodgy windowscreen being put in. The original faults 11 months ago were immobiliser, mpx body / cream holder, and power management ecu. Since then using the diag tool I've cleaned the connections on the immobiliser and fault code gone although it won't let me programme in the second key.

The car doesn't start at all just says shift to P.. I Opended up the MPX and power management and there's some blue on the connection and also inside the box. 


Cheers guys

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I presume the blue stuff is the windscreen wiper fluid, or could be copper corosion. Winter windscreen wiper fluid  has a lot of alcohol in it, so could be that even dried up, could be conductive.

I would get some rubbing alcohol, open it up, and give it a good clean using a small brush, toothbrush would be good in this case. 

You could also try reaching out to Parts King, he works for a Toyota dealer, and might be able to answer your question.



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I'll give that a go, thanks. It seems copper corrosion, crash bar / brackets have alot of surface rust so must of got fairly wet. Will be interesting to see if same part number if they are interchangeable. I've ordered the ones stated in first post and will keep everyone updated once they're plugged in and plugged into toyota software. 


Meanwhile would be interesting to see if that's still possible. In regards to part king how can I send him a message / tag him. 


Many thanks 

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